The Rituals of Dao Collection.

I have said this before on this blog, but I will say it again, I sure love Rituals. I actually took the photographs for this blog a while ago, and looking at the products now makes me a little sad. As I absolutely love this range, but now as I sit and write this, I am actually in Ibiza and due to pesky baggage allowance I could not bring this collection out with me. Thank goodness for the store in Ibiza Town, I cannot wait to stock up – the shower gel and scrub are one thing, but the big four wick candles they do are incredible. Literally so excited to go and get some for my new apartment, oh and the fragrance sticks….


Anyway, as you can probably tell, my mind is always running at 200% and I can never quite keep up. When having a conversation with me, I will often interrupt as I just have to say whatever is on my mind, or I will go off on a complete tangent. My lifestyle is the same. I am always on the go, here, there and everywhere travelling. I spent the last 3 months sofa surfing whilst working in the UK, and it has been an incredibly long time since I felt settled. AND BREATHE.

The Rituals of Dao collection has been perfect for me, and will be for you if you also lead a busy lifestyle. I do not know much about Chinese philosophy, although it does intrigue me. Dao is an ancient Chinese philosophy centred on achieving the perfect harmony between Yin and Yang. Focusing on nourishing your Yin energy, this collection helps you to find your inner peace and tranquillity.

The two key ingredients are White Lotus, a symbol of purity and calming, a symbol of peace. Yi Yi Ren is known for soothing, anti- inflammatory properties.

Within this collection you can try the Calming Shower Oil, Calming Foaming Shower Gel, Mindfulness Scrub and a body cream. There are also additional products such as a body mist and candles.

This collection smells incredible, it really does carry that relaxing, soothing spa like fragrance and instinctively I always find myself breathing a little slower, moving more softly when using these products.

My favourite is the shower oil, as it just makes my skin feel incredible and the body scrub is wonderful.

What I love about Rituals, each collection carries a story and aims to uplift you in someway. I do my best to practice mindfulness daily, along with my new routine of morning meditation. Everyone needs little rituals in their lives.