Girl Bosses Who Inspire Me To Love Life.

Right kids. This last week, for me personally, has been a bloody whirl wind of emotion. I have been battling with my on going mental health issues, whilst trying to settle into my new home here in Ibiza, becoming accustomed to living by myself, and adjusting to no longer being in my long term relationship. I hate using the word single. Then, you know, the world is on the brink of war, Theresa May now wants another General Election, Trump is STILL alive, and Instagram Bots and Twitter shaming? Some days the world feels like it has gone and lost the plot.

Like, is this all real life?

Thanks to a bundle of self help books and some strong words from my Mother, I am actually doing okay. Life really is wonderful guys. We have to keep reminding ourselves of that. No matter how dark the days get, and how scary the world may seem, we have to each have a glimmer of hope inside us, that things get better. Love conquers all, and all that jazz.

Instead of writing a post on scandals going on in the world of blogging, instead of writing my views on WW3 and the fact I need to watch Zombieland one more time (just to get some tips, you know, in case…) and instead of listing the possible fake tans Donald Trump uses, I thought LET’S SCATTER SOME LOVE AND POSITIVITY.

Here are some fabulous ladies that make me feel kick ass, smile from ear to ear and in general remind me that being a human bean, a woman, is ruddy marvellous.

 Bryony Gordon

You have been living in a cave if you have not seen the latest news surrounding this wonderful woman. Bryony Gordon is doing a series of podcasts called Mad World, chatting to lots of celebrities and high interest folk about mental health. Her first guest? Bloody Prince Harry chaps. Click here to read more about it and to listen to the podcast. I read Mad Girl at the beginning of this year and it truly changed me. I felt at ease with my mental health issues, and for the first time, I could see the sense of humour amongst it all. I could not recommend this book more and cannot wait to see what Bryony has in store for the world of raising mental health awareness.

Melissa Wells

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this lady for a little while now, and to watch her go from strength to strength and literally ooze happiness, is so incredibly inspiring. Mel, for those that don’t know, is  the author of  The Goddess Revolution. Her mission?To help women all over the world learn to love their bodies and their relationship with food. She has recently announced a second book is on it’s way and I cannot wait to read the next instalment from this beauty. She spreads so much positivity, and genuinely makes me feel kick ass just after reading one of her Instagram posts.  For me, I don’t really have any issues with body image or food, and that just shows how relatable Mel is, as she just makes you feel happy regardless.  Just seeing someone grow their own business, become an author and live their life, exactly how they want, THAT is inspiration. Not how many likes on Instagram you have.


Laura Jane Williams

The author of Becoming. I reviewed this book here. Laura is amazing. Her words always catch my eye, even if it is a thread about her family life on Twitter. I love how brutally honest she is, whilst being wonderfully charismatic at the same time. She reminds me that is absolutely fine to not be okay, and to deal with it how you see fit, not what the world says. I cannot wait to read her next book: Icecream for Breakfast. I mean, the title guys. She has this what you see is what you get attitude, no f*cks given, that I wish more people would adopt.


Can you see what these three have in common guys? Three outstanding women, just doing their own thing, dealing with their own issues whilst girl bossing it through life. They are not afraid to stand up and share their flaws, they are REAL. They all individually have had big issues to tackle and after hitting their own rock bottoms, they have shown it is more than possible to get right back up again. Whenever I am feeling a little low, then I always draw inspiration on from inspiring women (And men) around me and push myself to smile again.

Life does not start and end with how many followers you have, how many holidays you go on a year, or how many designer hand bags you collect. Happiness will always start with YOU. Don’t keep looking for it on the outside, when you need to start searching for it on the inside.

Please leave me links to the ladies that inspire you. I NEED more inspirational women in my life. Are you a woman who owns her own business? Have you done something totally incredible, that you want to share? Do you wish to be a role model? I want to know who you are.