Bathroom Beauty Pamper Essentials.

For every time I think to run a relaxing bath, I gather up my beauty stash and check off a bundle of vital products for the perfect pamper session. Rather than list every single item needed for the ultimate pamper (note to self, future blog post idea) I thought I would list the bare essentials here. Candles are self explanatory and are not only a bath time essential, but a life necessity. As is copious amounts of chocolate, wine and Netflix.

You need a decent bath soak. As a child I remember my Dad having Radox bath soaks, and I would have to ask his permission to use these as he loved a bath and that was part of his wind down time. I am the same way, I use a bath to relax but my god if I can not find either a bath bomb, a bath milk or oil, then like, what even is the point? My favourite recently has been this Argan Morrocan Spice Moisture Rich Foam Bath.

A Face Mask. I have used intense fruit acid based masks in a bath before, and I need to remember not to as when your pores are wide open with the heat, your skin is more sensitive and it can be a little too much, FACE ON FIRE syndrome. So choose a mask that you don’t have to keep on for very long but gives your skin all the goodness it deserves. The 5 Minute Miracle Mask is beautiful and feels amazing on the skin, definitely one to try.

Shower Oil. Yup, I use these whilst in the bath too. I find being in a bath I take more time and pay more attention to my body. I see where all those dry bits are and what areas need to be looked after. I like using the Bioderma Ultra Nourishing Shower Oil as it really hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling super soft. Some shower gels/oils can be too rich and in the end dry out your skin further, find one that is kind to your skin.

Body Scrubs. Some may disagree and not enjoy doing a scrub in the bath, but I love it. Before I get in a bath or shower, I always use my body brush, but when I am having a real pamper I will use a special scrub. I cannot explain how gorgeous this one from Trilogy is, it smells incredible and is totally lush.


What are your pampering routines? Any bath time recommendations I should know about?