Five Things My Mother Taught Me.

There Is Always A Light At The End Of A Tunnel.

My mum often reminds me that even in the darkest times, good things can happen. If you work hard, strive to be the best person you can be and put a smile on your face, even if it’s not real, you can achieve anything. It’s all about your mindset. When I look at how far my mum has come since we lost my Dad, I am always overwhelmed by how proud I feel. She is awesome.

Accessories Are Really Important.

My mum is obsessed with shoes and bags. And shoes, did I say shoes? She will plan her whole entire outfit right down to the colour of her tights, and will genuinely lose sleep over what handbag to match with her coat. Until I started getting a bit more into fashion, I never quite understood the difference a good coat or a good pair of shoes could make to your outfit. My mum is always telling me to dress better and god forbid I ever wear ripped jeans when we have plans…

To Keep A Diary.

Every Christmas we used to buy my mum a Winnie the Pooh diary. It was my Dad’s favourite thing to do. I never understood the fuss made over a new diary or a new notebook. Mum is always buying new fancy ones to use. Then I realised what Mother and I have in common.  We are forgetful. I genuinely forget everything. I get this from mum. She would never admit it, but she is super forgetful too and if it wasn’t for her diary or her assistant she would be lost. So now I use a diary, and my iCal and have a fair few notebooks too.

The Little Things Matter.

Following on from how forgetful I am, I suck at remembering important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. In my family it is a massive, MASSIVE deal if I forget to send a card. I do this a lot and I forget how important it is to someone to open up, say a birthday card. And to feel loved. The little things really do matter, and are never forgotten. My nan got 75 birthday cards this year. How cool is that. She is one popular lady.

To Never Give Up.

My mum is an ambitious lady. And has really big dreams. My mum is 55. She never stops living her life to the fullest and even though she works none stop, crazy hours, she loves it. My mum works endlessly so that she can achieve her goals and for me that is really inspirational. My god she drives me crazy at times, and she is incredibly stubborn too, just like me, but I have so much respect for my mum, and what she does.

Sometimes I wish we could spend more time together. With mum working in London a lot of the time, and myself living abroad most of the year, we find it hard to spend quality time together. So it was really nice when Jurlique invited both myself and my mum for a Mother’s Day pampering session.

We went along to the new Jurlique Flagship store on Oxford Street and experienced the most beautiful treatment room. There we had the treatment package for Mothers and Daughters, which is something you can have at the same time. We had a lovely hand massage, a foot soak and a facial. My mum had never had a facial before, which surprised me as she has such good skin. So it was nice to be there for her first one, and I hope we can have many more spa days in the future to come.

Such a lovely way to spend Mother’s Day, why not pop along this weekend?

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Also, how pretty is the Kate Spade Floral notebook? I love it, perfect for Spring!