Let’s Talk About Oral.


My grandad always used to say to me, you can tell a lot about a person simply by looking at two things. Their shoes, and their smile. It is something that has always stayed with me. I always remember when someone has a beautiful smile. When a fellow human smiles, the first thing you see is their pearly whites (or in some cases, not) and so looking after my teeth has always been super important.

I don’t have a perfect smile, I have a weird dimple and due to not wearing my retainer as a child, I have a bit of a hillbilly tooth. It sticks out a little too much, and it is all I ever see. The alignment of my top row of teeth juts over to the left, so it is off centre, but they are pretty white and in good condition.

A recent trip to The Neem Tree over in Fleet Street reminded me of just how much attention must be paid to a dental care routine. I put so much effort into my skincare routine, and my makeup, but actually if I had awful teeth – that is the first thing people are most likely to notice. For instance, take David Beckham, a beautiful human. Before he got his teeth fixed, everyone used to slate how his smile looked. You could look like David Gandy, but if you have a terrible smile, it puts me right off.

Can I just say, I am petrified of dentists. Are you? I feel it is more common than the fear of spiders oddly. At The Neem Tree all the staff are absolutely lovely. I forget the girl’s name on the reception desk, but she literally gave me the most warm welcome, this instantly made me feel a lot calmer. The little things like this really matter. My dentist was amazing and after taking a bunch of x rays, and some unflattering photographs, she talked me through everything that was going on inside my mouth. I have had a zillion dental check ups in my time, but nothing was as thorough as this appointment. She told me things about my teeth that I never even knew, and she could tell instantly that I grind my teeth in my sleep – I really do, it is terrible.

We talked through Invisalign, to sort out that hillbilly tooth I mentioned and unfortunately I have to go back to have a few crowns put in.  After this check up, I went to see the hygienist. I swear by having regular hygiene appointments. Your mouth feels like it could have a party up in there after you are done.

Again, my hygienist was incredible. She made me feel really comfortable and talked me through everything. She then gave me a list of product recommendations, yes I get excited about floss kids.

My new routine is as follows:

Floss. Interdental sticks (yellow ones). Oral B Elecky Toothbrush w/ Sensodyne Repair & Protect. Colgate Mouthwash.

Make sure you are brushing for AT LEAST 2 minutes, I love my little kids toothbrush (the pink one above) it flashes for two minutes and stops when you are done. My stepdad bought it me as a joke, but I genuinely adore it.

I genuinely have not been paid to write this post, I just feel it is important to share how important our dental routines are, just as much as skincare or makeup routines. If like me you get scared of even visiting a dentist, and keep putting it off, take a friend with you so you have someone to wait for you or even sit in the appointment room with you. My Dad always used to take me to the dentist and sit next to the dental chair. If you can afford to pay private, I highly recommend as the service is always a million times better. My personal favourite, would be to spray a little of Rescue Remedy Calming spray on your tongue before you go in.

A huge thank you to The Neem Tree for such a wonderful experience, I shall be seeing you again very soon.