Double Cleanse, The One Everyone Is Talking About.

I’d buy pretty much anything with Caroline Hiron’s name stamped on it. With one exception. Tea bags. I know how much Caroline loves tea, and no doubt she will bring out her own line some day, but that’s a step too far. Sorry Caroline, I just don’t like tea. Anyway, digressing here kids. You’ve all been waiting for it, and talking about it and now we are all using it, the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse.¬†

Double cleansing is not new, not in my book. I have always taken my make-up off first, before giving my face a good old wash with something else after. To me it is just common sense, but so many of you, don’t do this. So I am ruddy thankful that the skincare guru herself has created a product that gives you no excuse to not properly remove your make-up and cleanse your skin, thoroughly. Stop sleeping in your make-up kids, just stop. Double cleansing is a staple part of my skincare routine and something I rave on about to anyone who listens. I turn my nose up at face wipes, and if you don’t own more than 3 cleansers, it leaves a nervy feeling in my belly.

Back to Caroline for a moment, it has just dawned on me, that not all of my readers will know of this legend. I am somewhat openly obsessed. I think she is a marvel. Caroline is the go to woman for all skincare knowledge. Caroline is the reason I will look 25 at 50. Caroline is the reason my bank balance weeps. IF YOU WANT GOOD SKIN LISTEN TO THIS WALKING FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE (and stop drinking milk). Not only that, but she is actually a really nice lady. I don’t know Caroline all that well, but whenever we have met she has been nothing but nice, and hilarious. She really is funny, and just has this really warm nature about her.

So obviously, I was super excited to try out her new product. The Double Cleanse is made up of one part solid cleansing oil and one part cleansing cream, packaged up in a cute tub. I love the texture of the solid cleansing oil and really enjoy using this part.  Designed to use as the first step (the big number 1 gives that away) it melts away all of your makeup and grime sitting on your skin. It even removes the most stubborn of mascaras. The next step, flannel in hand, is when you really clean your skin as well as nourishing it and protecting it. The formula is really light weight and gentle, and does not feel stripping on the skin, at all. I love how my skin feels after using this and it has become my go to evening cleanser.

I would like to see a bigger tub of this brought out, as with each side being 50ml, I think I will get through this quite quickly. It would be pretty neat to see smaller travel size versions of this too, as I am always on the go and even though this is 100ml, the tub wouldn’t be suitable to carry in hand luggage.


It was always going to be a product I loved, and I cannot wait to see what comes next for Caroline. WORLD DOMINATION FOR SKINCARE.