A New Fragrance.

I think this is one of the prettiest perfume bottles in my collection. Fragrance for me ranks in at the same importance level of putting on underwear. I cannot leave the house without it. I feel naked otherwise. A couple of spritz completes any ensemble.

The new Olympea by Paco Rabanne is magnetic.

It is both seductive and sensual, but floral and fresh. It will definitely be my go to Summer scent. With salty vanilla, a woody base, and a mix of oriental vibes, this really is a bit of me. It makes me feel a little bit sassy, and if I am in a bad mood, a couple of sprays of this and it helps me to shake it off. I’m also one to have perfumes I reach for in the day and then others only of an evening or special occasion. I wasn’t sure where this one would sit, as it is perfect for both. During the daytime it gives you a confident sophistication, and of an evening it is subtle, but still makes you feel sexy.

I wrote about finding your signature fragrance here, and I think over time we really learn to discover what suits our skin and our tastes become more refined. If you liked Diamonds, another popular fragrance from Paco Rabanne, this is the more grown up, savoury version.

I hope they do a miniature travel size bottle, as I am always on the go, and whilst this size looks like a dream on a dressing table, it will not go down so well inside my hand bag.

Have you had a sniff yet?