A Mascara That Never Let’s You Down.


I’m quite particular about mascara, I either want one that is super luscious and makes my lashes look really dark and full, think ultimate drama, and then on the other hand I also like a natural finish, strong definition and a little lift. In both cases I expect the mascara to last all day and night and not give me panda eyes.  When I got back from Ibiza I attended an event with DHC and I was told the perfect mascara, guaranteed no smudging or smearing, is their Perfect Pro Double Protection mascara. I had only ever tried their cleansing oil, so I was intrigued by the make-up.

That was over three months ago and I am still absolutely obsessed with the mascara. It really does not budge. It slots into the natural finish style, and it’s the one I reach for on a daily basis. It uses water-resistant tube technology which lengthens your lashes and means the mascara stays put all day. The brush is exactly how I like it, small and precise, so you do not miss a single lash. When you want to remove it, all you need is warm water. It really is great.

Whilst I am here chatting about DHC, I just have to mention their Quick Film Smoother. I am hitting 28 this year and I am noticing pesky wrinkles appear on my forehead and around my eyes. I wish I had a magic mirror that just lied to me about getting old. Anyway, this smoother is a gel based moisturiser that smooths out the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles instantly. It contains hydrating ingredients and a fancy collage based peptide to give the illusion of more youthful skin. You use this after your usual moisturiser, as a final step and only needs to be applied to those areas where you need it. I use it as a make-up primer to ensure my foundation doesn’t sit in between any lines.


I just had to share these with you as I have been genuinely loving using them as part of my daily makeup routine.

What brands have you been loving lately?