Skin Laundry | My New Favourite Cleanser

“These guys are so confident in their brand that they give their first facials away for free.”


Sophie nodded and replied: “There is a waiting list.”

Right. I am SUCH a sucker for hype that I knew straight away I would love this brand. Skin Laundry. I had never bloody heard of them, ever. New to Liberty of London, you can head down their and get yourself a facial, but they also have their own product line. I got given this cleanser, and to be honest, I forgot all about it. I have a pile of cleansers to get through, and I always reach for my favourites, ones that I have tried and tested for yonks. I have oil based cleansers. Ones I use with a muslin cloth. And then there are ones I just want to use to quickly get my make-up off. A girl gotta have at least 5 cleansers. Oh and flannels. Lots of those.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post. I don’t know what made me, for whatever reason, I decided I would start using this cleanser. I hadn’t even photographed it from new – bad blogger – hence you can see how much I have used in the last two months. A little goes a long way. The Skin Laundry Skin Purifying Cream Cleanser is dreamy, impeccable in fact. My dehydrated, blemish prone skin sings when I use this. It removes every single scrap of makeup, every bit, even my stubborn water proof mascara. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, not tight and thoroughly CLEAN. I just love it. I don’t have to scrub or rub or anything, it just gently washes away the layers of dirt and grime built up over the day, and does a fantastic job of it.

I started using it with my bareMinerals Double Cleansing Brush, and I think I have found the dream team. My skin is looking clearer than it has in a while, and I just feel pretty good about the whole damn thing to be honest. I tend to use this of an evening as a first step cleanse, and sometimes in a morning to just give my skin a treat. So, obviously had to share this discovery with you guys. Now, get me on that waiting list. I want me a facial.