Discover Cruelty Free Vegan Brushes, A Review


This year, and moving forward, I really want to be more conscientious with my purchases. I mean, I want to be more considerate, more caring towards our Planet Earth. Everything from my fashion impulses, to fridge supplies, right down to my beauty needs. This includes items such as my make-up brushes.

Usually, I would live by the golden make-up artist rule: You can never have too many make-up brushes.

One, I immediately regret when it comes to cleaning them all…

Surely our responsibility is to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on earth? David Attenborough

But, more recently, I am thinking less is more. Nevertheless, when choosing new make-up brushes, it is becoming more and more important to me to understand how they are made, where they are sourced, the sustainable ethics of the brand and so on. This is why the new The Body Shop vegan brushes were welcomed into my collection with arms open wide.

Firstly, they look great and feel great. Always important, no? The key here though, the hairs feel like natural hair, but are actually specialist synthetic hair, 100% cruelty free, and the wooden handles are even sustainably sourced – FSC approved. The FSC for those who are not in the know, set forest management standards. This means the chaps at The Body Shop use wood that is sourced in an environmentally friendly, sociably responsible and economical manner. They are totally vegan friendly too. What makes these different to other brush ranges, they are coated with charcoal to keep them nice and fresh. Pretty neat huh?

I played with a bunch of make-up from The Body Shop to create a look using these swish new brushes, and the ones that stood out to me were the Slanted Blusher brush, a great shape and size for adding pops of colour to your cheeks, and the Contouring brush is perfect for tucking into the hollows and soft enough, as to not create any immediate harsh lines. I am a huge fan of Fan brushes, no pun intended there, oops. They are great for dusting off fallen eyeshadow and sweeping on a touch of highlighter.

P.S I had never used The Down to Earth eyeshadow palette until putting together this post, and it is ruddy fabulous for creating a quick smokey eye. Oh, and The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid tastes amazing – the colourĀ Mauritius Dahlia is incredible. Don’t eat it.

I wasn’t paid to write this post chaps, just wanted to introduce you to a bladdy lovely new collection that came my way and one I fully adore. And if it means you go away after reading this, feeling a bit more inclined to do your bit for our planet, even just by adjusting the way you choose to buy your make-up brushes, then I’ve done my bit today.

Over and out kids. Over and out.