Recycling Tips for us Bloggers

As bloggers, some of us are extremely fortunate to receive PR samples. Whether you receive one every 6 months, two a week, or a handful a day, it is such a nice feeling to arrive home to new packages. I still have moments where I cannot believe I am in this position, where upon brands want to work with me and send me their latest product launches.

Who wouldn’t love it feeling like Christmas every day?

There is a tiny little downside to all these parcels folks… the packaging build up.

I took to Twitter to vent my thoughts last week, see what my fellow bloggers had to say on this matter…





From huge cardboard boxes, to multi coloured envelopes and don’t get me started on bubble wrap and the shredded tissue paper. I have it coming out of my ears. And it’s not to say I don’t stay on top of getting rid of it, because I really do – sometimes it all gets a bit too much.

There are occasions where I will have this big, massive, house like box arrive. I open it up, to find all this plastic bubble wrap, and hidden inside the deep depths, is a tiny product. Like seriously, what is the need for the mass amounts of unnecessary packaging?

Compliment slips? When the note is super personal and it is clear someone has taken the time to write to you, then I love it and most of the time, I actually keep these to look back on. The ones with three words on (please see enclosed), why bother? Save the paper.

Press releases. Everything is digital these days, do we really need a print out of a press release? Again, my lovely PR friends, I know you are doing your jobs, but I would much rather you just send it in an email. Think of the trees, and the paper cuts.

I know I am not the only blogger who feels this way, as so many of you responded to my tweet regarding the matter. How do you cope with your cardboard pile ups? Is your recycling bin overflowing too? What do we do as a collective to make this better?

+ PRS maybe could offer a system of sending back those beautiful, metallic envelopes – I certainly don’t mind, if it means we are saving the planet and space in my office.

Recycling Club – Contact your local bloggers and make a day out of clearing out your packaging – go for tea and cake afterwards, so it does not seem like a chore and you feel rewarded for being a good recycler.

+ Offer them for collection – Hayley from London Beauty Queen suggests offering your packing for collection, I don’t know much about this but I believe you can contact your local council to find out your recycling collection days and they could offer more assistance.

+Friends with small businesses – Do you have a friend or friends who would benefit from all this packaging? Someone who runs a small business and needs to send out their own products? Offer up yours.

I am still trying to think of better ways we can work together as bloggers, to be a little bit more environmentally friendly. Honestly, some days I just want to go out and plant a load of trees to make myself feel better….

I would love to hear your thoughts on this too….