A Splash of Fragrance.

a-splash-of-fragrance-zoe-newlove-beauty-blogger-missoni stella-mccartney-missoni-and-narcisso-fragrances-zoe-newlove-beauty-bloggerA-Splash-of-Fragrance-beauty-blogger-zoe-newlove

I believe every woman (and man) should have a wardrobe of fragrance. I used to be that girl with one staple scent that I wore year after year, after year. For those wondering, it was Tom Ford Black Orchid, and the moment my baby sister started religiously wearing it (my own fault, I bought it as a present) it no longer felt like it was all mine.

I went on the hunt for my next signature fragrance, and soon realised that it was a lost cause. Not because I couldn’t find a perfume I loved, but because I loved so many, each reflecting a different part of my personality and playing upon different moods. Just like the clothes I choose to wear, I select a fragrance that fits my mood that day. You can never have too many perfumes. Hello Airport Duty Free. Three that I have been loving recently….

Narciso Rodrigeuz Narciso Poudree

The most stunningly packaged, this oozes elegance and minimalism. It has a very powdery light top note, but the underlying warmth is what draws me to this fragrance. It has all the woody notes that I love, vetiver, as well as black and white cedar. It feels very feminine and is something that I wear when I’m wanting to feel empowered. I carry a little travel bottle of it with me in my handbag and get so many compliments when I wear this.


Do you know when you come across that scent that just screams: holiday? This is one of those perfumes. The beautiful colourful, marble style bottle sits so pretty on my dressing table and you know before you even try it that it is going to be a super fun fragrance. It is adorably fruity and floral, but again has those base notes that are just a touch deeper: woods and tonka bean. Inspired by women who live with exhilaration, their presence is captured in each note. This for sure will be my Ibiza perfume. 


You’re wearing Stella aren’t you?

Yes, how on earth did you know?

Usually I wouldn’t appreciate someone knowing what perfume I am wearing, it makes me feel like the whole world is wearing it, and I quite enjoy being a little unique you know? However, considering I was asked by Ibiza roomie Lauren (also a make-up artist check her out hereeee) and she is an ultra cool chick, I felt pretty happy with myself. It is a stunning floral fragrance, very traditional and I love that. I would never have picked this myself, so when I was sent it to try, I was shocked at how much I loved it. I really am falling in love with these feminine perfumes.

If a perfume can make me feel sexy, sensual and like I can take over the world, it’s mine. Any recommendations? Shoot.


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