Step into Spring with Molton Brown

Molton-Brown-Dewy-Lily-of-the-Valley-&-Star-Anise-Spring-CollectionMolton-Brown-Dewy-Lily-of-the-Valley-&-Star-Anise-Spring-Collection-zoe-newlove Molton-Brown-Dewy-Lily-of-the-Valley-&-Star-Anise-Spring-Collection-zoenewlove


When Molton Brown invited me to attend an event in association with The Flower Appreciation Society, involving flower head dress making & afternoon tea inspired nibbles, I had to say yes. Flowers & cake, how could I refuse?

I have always been fond of Molton Brown, they produce great quality, luxury products that every one adores. I was really looking forward to learning more about their new Spring collection, Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise. During the event, whilst trying to create a flower head dress, we learnt about the different flowers used to create the new collection. Within the room gorgeous flowers were arranged upon every surface. It was a really lovely setting. So what inspired the collection? It actually sprang from a white bridal bouquet, and so this lead to the traditional wedding bloom Lily of the Valley becoming the centre of the collection.

The Spring fragrance is made up of green, meadow notes, magnolia, ylang ylang, and lighter, white floral notes tie it all together. Lily of the Valley is a really uplifting fresh scent, representing the first day of Spring. Star Anise has a sweeter aroma giving the fragrance a contemporary twist.

I got to try the Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Eau de Toilette. The packaging is lovely, and has a real countryside feel to it with the little floral illustrations and bow detailing. I actually introduced this collection to my boyfriend’s mum and she found the fragrance so comforting she actually cried. It reminded her of her own mother, and the scent just brought back old memories. I love how fragrance can transport you to another time.

I think Spring is my favourite season. It makes way for change and growth, it’s new and exciting. You know those cold, dark days are behind you, and not too far away is the warmth of Summer. So maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for this range, but either way it is ruddy lovely and makes my bathroom look posh too.