Marc Jacobs Beauty.



The inner make-up snob inside is soaring around and singing from the roof tops. Today, I have achieved make-up goals, today I talk about Marc Jacobs Beauty, and my new favourite mascara. Finally this luxurious make-up brand have arrived exclusively to Harrods in the UK and I get to tell you guys all about it.


I love make-up. I love that it transforms. It lets you be who you want to be, lets you say what you want to say. It gives you a voice, a vision, while having a good time.

Marc Jacobs

I was so excited to receive this amazing package from Harrods, and to be one of the very first to sample the new Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. Marc Jacobs Beauty has been a range for three years, but only now has it been made available in the UK and launched exclusively at Harrods. Available online, and in the beauty hall of the Knightsbridge store, you can check out the full beauty range here.  

Inside the beauty box, alongside the very exciting mascara, was a video screen. I sat in my bed, and listened to the wisdom of Marc Jacobs, his thoughts on beauty, his love of the eyes in particular and felt really empowered. Of course, seeing the mascara in action made me even more excited to play with my new luxury make-up.

If you like volume, and by volume Marc Jacobs promises 1800% more volume with this mascara, and you also like dark black lashes, then you will love this mascara. A formula inspired by his mother, who used to scrape the surface off a black velvet ribbon, and would add the shavings to her lashes to make them look fuller. Smudge free, defined lashes from root to tip, with the blackest of black pigments, this mascara is a dream. 

I am so excited to try more of Marc Jacobs Beauty. Are you?