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Beauty Blogger Zoe Newlove writes about the Rituals Touch of Happiness range, the new Rituals App and How to be Happy 
Okay so I am going to begin this post off on a negative note – I want to get this bit out of the way. Bare with me guys. So last week, I ventured into London to meet my beautiful friends Megan (Wonderful You) and Hayley (FrockmeImFamous). We had plans to catch up at the Rituals Evening of Happiness event hosted by The School of Life. Unfortunately, I was over tired, grumpy and pretty down in the dumps the evening I was meeting the girls. I literally had to force myself to take the train journey into London, never mind wear a fake smile
upon greeting my friends. I have had so much going on in my personal life
recently, that I have been finding it really hard to focus and be my
usual bubbly, positive self.

Beauty Blogger Zoe Newlove writes about the Rituals Touch of Happiness range, the new Rituals App and How to be Happy
Beauty Blogger Zoe Newlove writes about the Rituals Touch of Happiness range, the new Rituals App and How to be Happy

Long story short, I could not shake my mood, which meant I sat through the event picking at the cheese board laid in front of me and then somehow managed to leave feeling even worse. The entire evening was focused upon the idea of happiness, how to simply be happy and to get the most out of your life etc. The room sang with positivity – it was everything I normally adore. As I was wearing my negative hat, I took every single word the wrong way, and actually ended up having a huge anxiety attack on the way home after leaving the event – resulting in a lovely Uber taxi driver having to console me on the journey back to the train station.  I was extremely embarrassed and felt so awful about being such rubbish company in front of people I love.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Luckily, for me, and for you guys, even with a sad heart I took down lots of notes from the event. This is some of what I wrote:
  1. Shit things happen but you ultimately choose where you want to be, how you grow.
  2. I am not in control of life itself, but I am in control of my response to what it throws at me.
  3. You are not a victim of other people’s decisions.
  4. Gently ask yourself: What do you really want?
  5. Keep asking yourself questions: Why do I want this? Will it make me happy?
  6. Allow yourself to observe your own mind.
  7. Sit quietly and be attentive. Look after yourself.
  8. Be curious and be creative.
  9. There is always another point of view.
  10. Without stillness authenticity is impossible.

As soon as I arrived back home that evening I gave myself a telling off. I climbed into bed and told myself to arise in the morning no longer wearing the mood I had shadowing me the previous day. Snap out of it Zoe. And so, I did, and I clicked open my notes the next morning and read through all of the positive words and amazing advice that I had been told during the event. 
Do I regret not making the most of the evening at the time? No. 
I think I took away so much more from the evening by being in such a bad mood, as it taught me such a powerful lesson the following morning. It really is entirely up to you how happy you want to be. You have to change your mindset. No one else can do it for you. Choosing to be happy, choosing to feel positive and choosing not to let negativity effect you is so important. 
I used to suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) something I have never discussed on this blog before, and I am not quite sure I ever will. I had to go through intense therapy around two years ago now, which involved learning to change my mindset and to channel positivity during my darkest moments, to get myself into a better place. I know more than anyone life is too short, and that we have to make the most of it. So thank you Rituals for reminding me of this, and giving me the wake up call I sure as hell needed. 
A note on the Laughing Buddah Rituals range. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love covering myself in the Happiness Body Cream before picking up my Happy Mist and spraying it all over me, whilst wearing a huge smile on my face. Just choosing to use this range, and seeing the word happiness daily, is a beautiful reminder of how I need to be: Happy.