Skincare | My Holiday Skincare Routine



Being a beauty blogger and a massive skincare fanatic it is always an impossible task to narrow down what I can take as part of my holiday skincare routine. I have so many glass bottles and jars, full of moisturisers, serums and masks of which I could not live without on a day to day basis, however flying abroad, I had to really streamline what I could take.  Ruddy weight allowance and all that.
Just choosing one cleanser was hard, but I am absolutely loving the Antipodes Juliet Brightening Cleanser still, and I could not bare to leave without this. My skin has never been better, as I write this I am bare faced with not one single spot. I swear it is down to this cleanser (well, Antipodes in general as you can probably tell I love the brand). Instead of my usual mix up of two toners, again I just had to pick one, and I went for the Antipodes Ananda Anti Oxidant Rich Toner.This feels really refreshing on the skin and is great for stressed or sun damaged skin – I always worry about burning my face so this was a must-have, just in case.
I completely forgot to pack a serum I could use for both day and night, but I did manage to pack a travel size version of the Antipodes Joyous Serum, a great one to use of an evening as it is really rich and soothing. I also packed a travel size Antipodes Divine Facial Oil which I wear occasionally instead of moisturiser during the day and then in the PM instead of a night cream. The moisturiser I packed for the day time is one by Origins, the Energising GinZing Moisturiser. I always wear make-up which contains SPF so I wasn’t too fussed about having one in my moisturiser, plus this one is really lightweight whilst still being hydrating which is perfect for when I am in the sunshine. I hate feeling like I am wearing something heavy in fear that it will clog my pores. My favourite ever eye cream was instantly packed, the Ole Henrikson Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, incredibly cooling and really firms the area around the eyes.
I threw in some little extras like the Antipodes Pure Incarnation Exfoliator, which I have used twice up to now whilst away. It is really gentle and makes my skin feel really soft. I also packed my Foreo Mini, so I could deeply cleanse my skin and remove all make-up efficiently.
My Holiday Skincare Routine takes me roughly around ten minutes to complete. I probably could have decantered the toner and cleanser into a smaller bottle, but in true Zoe fashion I simply was not that organised. Ah well, I shall know for next time.
What products could you guys not live without whilst on holiday?