Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum | The Review

A blogger reviews Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting SerumA blogger reviews Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum

I am slowly, but surely, refining and tweaking my skincare routine to the point where it is almost perfect. I am really happy with my current routine, my skin has never been clearer, softer or brighter. Not entirely blemish free mind, but this is okay. None of this would be possible, of which I am sure, without my Apostle. 
Antipodes Apostle serum* has become my bathroom buddy, my pampering partner in crime, oh where would I be without you? 

My skin had this cycle right, of being absolutely wonderful and well behaved for around a week, then I would have a horrendous hormonal breakout, leaving me with a dull, tired, and yellowing affair. A good sprucing session with microdermabrasion, followed by 3 or 4 masks, oh and a slathering of treatment oil later, my skin would begin to try and at least regain it’s pride, bringing us full circle. This would happen every fortnight, a constant battle striving for the imperfection free zone. If only there was an easier way for me to maintain the Millie Mackintosh green goddess glow…

There is and the answer is in this bottle. Infused with a dollop of fairy dust, and a sprinkling of unicorn poop, this Skin Brightening and Tone Correcting beauty has changed my cycle completely. I still need to exfoliate, who doesn’t? But, my skin just looks, nice, makes me want to stroke it. I no longer look tired, even when I am asleep inside. Side note. I have practiced the art of keeping my eyes open whilst snoozing, you should try it sometime, just not in work… as this can backfire. 

Naps aside. If you want to achieve your ultimate life skin goals, where by you transform into someone who oozes flawless, fresh faced beauty, we all have that friend, (Emma Mcvey I am looking at you). You wanna own that lusted after complexion, every single god dang day, you have no other choice my friends, but to buy this serum.

The water based formula, has the most gorgeous silky texture and gives my dehydrated skin the kiss of life with one application. My skin has a habit of being temperamental. When I say temperamental, what I mean is, one morning it screams Candice Swanopoel (okay this has never happened) and then in the other it looks like someone has secretly poured beetroot juice over me whilst I sleep. Rich in anti-oxidants this serum focuses on reducing pigmentation, whilst defends your skin from oxidative stress which helps reduce skin redness. Key ingredient, Kiwi, gently exfoliates thus revealing a brighter, healthier complexion. 

I have been using this day and night for just over a week, and oh my goodness, the difference is genuinely and utterly incredible. I am not going to lie, I have had this serum sat in my cupboard untouched for a while, and now I feel cheated. Someone should have told me about this holy grail product sooner. To me the price tag, somewhere around the fourty pounds mark, does not deem too much. I am willing to pay for the luxury of having great skin. There is simply nothing better. Cheers Antipodes, this one is a corker.