Sunday Musings | Love Yourself.


It has been a few weeks since I have sat down to write a Sunday Musings post. Let’s get back into that shall we? I have had a few personal things going on in my life over the past couple of weeks, all of which have been quite stressful, upsetting and confusing. All at once. 
Friday I was really poorly for the first time this year. I literally was bed ridden. Trust me guys, I really do not like wasting a day, so I was not a happy bunny. Time is precious.
Saturday morning, I woke up, and decided to figure out a new plan of action. One to get myself better, not just physically but mentally. Honestly, I have been focusing so much on my career, blog and money, I forgot the most important thing of all: Me.
Happiness starts with health. A good friend recently reminded me of this. 
The Plan
1) Exercise. 
I walk to work daily. That is it. I stopped doing yoga. No idea why or how, but I cannot remember when I last rolled out my yoga mat. I feel sluggish and tired, constantly. So, with my Kayla Itsines Fitness Guide and yoga mat ready, over the next three months I will be pushing myself back into an exercise routine, that will in the end: just be a part of me.
2) Food.
Look in your fridge right now, what can you see? I open mine and all I see is fruit and vegetables, coconut water and a smoothie I made earlier. It did not look that way this morning. I had some butter, and a bottle of Strawberry Ribena and some left over Chinese food. I decided to strip my cupboards and fridge of the bad stuff and just fill it with all of the good stuff. This means: Organic. Raw. Ingredients. I am going to learn to cook, and actually stick to it this time. I have been a pescatarian for nearly a year now. I never thought I could give up meat and hey I have, so now is the time to actually get this clean eating down to a tea. 
If I don’t know where my food has come from, I won’t eat it. Any chemicals, I won’t eat it. We are surrounded by disease and illness worldwide, a lot of it stems from nutrition. I know this, but haven’t been living by that. Time to change. 
3) Mindfulness.
This is something I have been practicing for nearly 6 years now. Be positive. Be grateful. I have all that I could ever possibly need right now. Family. Friends. Health, and a roof over my head. Forget the designer wardrobe, and the perfect Pinterest apartment. None of that material stuff is actually important, so when you feel down, remind yourself how lucky you are. Each night before I fall asleep, I say my thanks out loud and with that I wake up happier. More than that, when you have a shower appreciate that warm running water, appreciate that soft, clean towel you are using afterward, take a deep breathe and just smile. Life is too short not to be grateful, for every single moment. 
These things combined I will surely learn to love myself. As soon as you love yourself, your body, your mind, you can truly love others and everything around you. It is so easy in the society we live in today to forget about ourselves, lose ourselves.
I am a little lost right now, but I am sure as hell gonna find my way. 

P.S If you want to see any blog posts on my progress let me know in the comments.