La Roche-Posay Effaclar Three Step Anti-Blemish System | The Review

Effaclar Three Step Anti-Blemish System
Effaclar Three Step Anti-Blemish System
Effaclar Three Step Anti-Blemish System

Essay Alert!
Here it is, finally, my new skincare routine that I have
been hinting about here and there in my more recent posts. The La Roche-PosayEffaclar 3-Step Anti Blemish System*. I first spotted this three months ago over
on the legendary Caroline Hiron’s blog, just a little announcement about the
launch – but even then I knew I had to get my hands on it. Anything that passes
Caroline’s seal of approval, you know it is going to be good.
Then, two months ago it landed on my desk. Yup a whole two
months ago
. I did not want to jump on the bandwagon and write a review just
because it was “new” and therefore would no doubtly receive more views. I
wanted to well and truly try this and see if it was good for my skin. To not
only use it for a month, but to use it for a good two-three months for a true
test. I have just hit over the two month usage mark and so here I am today.
What do La Roche-Posay promise?
The breakthrough anti blemish system compromises of 3 quick and
simple steps – effective alone but when their specific active ingredients are
combined within a regime, provide unrivalled results, even on sensitive skin. 3
simple steps, twice a day, each product will work in synergy to dramatically
improve the skin.
Designed to help oily, blemish prone skin, it targets
Clogged and enlarged pores
Uneven & Rough Skin texture
Red and Brown Marks
What are my thoughts?
Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser
Targets: Excess Sebum & Impurities
This is the first step in clearing your skin and even though
it tastes horrible I LOVE IT, yes I accidentally got some in my mouth, okay I
do this a lot – you do it too. Only a tiny bit is needed so it lathers up
nicely and cleans your skin rather efficiently, without feeling the need for a
scrub. It removes all make-up including eye make-up although I would not
recommend you use this to take off your mascara etc. I have been using this
both morning and evening and even though I have used this for two months, I
still have quite a bit to go. The packaging states a 6 week supply but I definitely
have gotten more out of it.
1-2 weeks: No visible difference to skin, it felt clean and
I enjoyed using it, but no wow factor.
3-4 weeks: My oily t-zone at this point has significantly
improved, still using an oil free primer to help control oil during the day.
Noticeably less blemishes on my forehead and around my jawline. No tightness at
all after drying the face.
6-8 weeks: Oily t-zone is much better, stopped using a
primer as felt my moisturiser has been suffice. No blemishes on my face, just a
painful hormonal spot on my neck due to it being that time of the month. This
is a huge improvement as usually I would have at least twenty painful spots
around my jawline right now.
Effaclar Clarifying Toner
Targets: Large Pores & Oily Skin
This is the second step and the one product in the system
you cannot yet buy separately in the UK. (Panics for when I need to repurchase
just the toner). This is my favourite of the bunch, not sure whether this is
because I know I cannot get hold of it alone, or the fact I actually really
love it. It contains two of my favourite ingredients: Salicylic Acid and Lactic
Acid. This sooths and mattifys the skin whilst helping to tighten pores. It is
recommended to use this with a cotton pad and sweep this over your face, but I
think that wastes a lot of product – cheeky cotton pad. So I pour a little bit
into my hand and quickly press it directly into my skin. I really have been
impressed with this toner.
1-2 weeks: No real noticeable difference, skin felt cleaner
and smoother but again no wow factor.
3-4 weeks: Literally cannot cope without this toner.
6-8 weeks: I must marry this toner. My pores across my
cheeks are barely visible? Pores, what pores? However, I now notice the MASSIVE
two pores on my nose that were caused from me cutting my nose open a long time
ago and I need these to go, like now. They offend me.
Effaclar Duo + Anti -Blemish Cream
Targets: Blemishes, pores + marks
The third and final step. Now, I have used this before so I
knew I would love it. This product alone is one of the reasons why I needed to
test this for a long period of time, I was worried my skin would get used to
these products leading them to be ineffective. However, I was wrong and so far,
my skin is the best it has ever been. I ran out of this cream quite quickly, I
would say around the 6 week mark and as I haven’t had chance to buy a new one
(note to self) I have been replacing the final step with my Nuxe Crème Fraiche
Light Emulsion
hydrates and mattifies just like this Effaclar Duo
You can
read a full, glowing, review on the Duo + here, but I promise it really does help address your
blemishes, oiliness, blackheads and clogged pores.  It did for me anyway. I cannot say whether it
helps red or brown marks as I have no noticeable pigmentation.
When I first started using this, I was still chucking in a
few different serums and some days even popping another moisturiser on top. Whilst
doing this I did not notice anything major and my skin was actually getting
. So I went cold turkey. I stopped using absolutely everything else and
for the last 6  weeks have been using solely these three products. Yes, the last
week or so I ran out of the cream, but my Nuxe replacement has been perfect. 
those interested I will be reviewing my Nuxe cream soon. Thanks Laura Lou for
that one – she gave it to me.
My boyfriend and his business partner have both commented on
how great my skin looks. Even my sister and the girls at work have passed comment. Yes, I hardly had acne
beforehand, but I certainly suffered from clogged, open pores, blackheads and
blemishes all around my neck and jaw line. Now? I have one massive spot on my
neck (ouch) but other than that I am in the clear. Literally. Oh and that oily t-zone? I am shine free baby. I just got me that nice healthy gloooow.

I would highly recommend this set, and plan to repurchase
this myself. I am so happy with the results and feel confident going make-up
free. What a great little feeling that is
RRP: £32.95 – worth every penny.