The Bathory Customised Bath Soak | The Review

The Bathory Customised Bath Soak
The Bathory Customised Bath Soak
The Bathory Customised Bath Soak


I am a total grandma at the ripe old age of 25. My partying days are long behind me, and just one glass of red wine will send me to sleep. So how do I spend my Friday and Saturday nights folks? A good old soak in the bath and a good book – or a catch up on Bloglovin’ more so these days. Bath products are my thaaang. So no pressure The Bathory….
When I was contacted from The Bathory*, one simple sentence pretty much had me hook, line and sinker: “….you can invent a personalised bath soak to fit your mood perfectly.” Mmmmhmmm gurl you got my attention.
Oh the website, the website, THE WEBSITE. It is totally radical and it makes the process of “inventing” so easy and enjoyable. Not so great for the indecisive like me, I could literally spend ages mixing up concoctions on there. First you pick your base, then you add your essential oils, and yup, that’s it, easy peasy lemon squeezy my friends.
Let me indulge you a little more. Step One.
You have three bases to choose from: Bask. Soothe. Detox. I went with Soothe, as the word alone is just so… well soothing. I tend to have a bath of an evening just before bed to relax, so soothe was the perfect choice for me. With oatmeal, honey and buttermilk it sounded just that wee bit more hydrating and luxurious.
Step Two, is where the real fun begins.
You have a selection of essential oils, of which you can choose three to help stimulate your mind. If having all of them there in front of you feels a little bit overwhelming, you can choose exactly how you want to feel, be that be sexy, focused or relaxed. I wanted to feel relaxed, but fresh all at the same time, so I had a browse through both relaxed and revived. I chose Chamomile, picturing a cup of camomile tea in hand whilst bathing. Lavendar because I just love the fragrance, and Rosemary, because it sounded a bit posh and was in the Revived section. You gotta love the method to my madness.
Check out, and then poof. The magic is left in the hands of The Bathory.


So what did I think of my bath soak? To be honest, and I am not being big headed here, it was one of the best baths I have had in a while. I would say 90% off this is down to my amazing decision making and 10% down to The Bathory. I joke, I joke. They do say, use all of the bath soak, that’s right, all at once, for the BEST EVER BATH of your life. Come on. That is a bold statement. I like bold statements. This time around I didn’t want to use it up all at once and have used little bits at a time, but I do intend to make another purchase and put them to the test.


For £18 you are getting not only a product, but a totally awesome experience too. I thoroughly enjoyed using the website, and it is something I will naturally recommend to friends and family to use too.
So, you know you want the chance to do this too, and thanks to the lovely team over at The Bathory, you can enjoy 15% off using my discount code: ZN_15 right through September.
Go on then, what are you waiting for you lovely bunch of human beans. Join the league of extraordinary bathers:  Shop Now

*PR SAMPLE – and I totally love this product, I have not been paid to say this.