Adding to my M.A.C Cosmetics Collection… | Beauty Haul

 What is it exactly about M.A.C Cosmetics that makes us go crazy? 
The perfectly displayed lipstick stand? The cult status? Just the sheer offerings of colour and texture? 
Well, whatever your reason is for loving M.A.C Cosmetics, I am right there with you, as this brand is definitely one of my favourites. Off I popped to my local store, Soho London, and picked up a few bits. Believe it or not, I only intended to buy a lip liner for an upcoming celebrity tutorial I have coming up, and did I buy the lip liner? No. I totally got side tracked and forgot. 

2 blushers. 2 lipsticks. 2 eyeshadow refills. I was happy. My bank balance not so much.

I am never drawn to pinks, ever. So, god only knows why I chose Fast Play, a dull pink, somewhat close to my natural lip colour, but better. I love the texture of the Amplified Cremes, they are pigmented, but not drying, creamy but not shiny. Fast Play is not a colour I see often on the blogging circuit, but it is such a pretty colour. One I will be teaming with strong brows and brown eyeshadow looks, ready for the Autumnal transition. I think Spice lip liner would work well with this for a 90’s twist.
Yash, is another colour I do not see myself wearing often, but this shade may give you a clue as to which celebrity I plan to film a tutorial for. A warm nude, with brown undertones, I would only ever wear this with a bold smokey eye. Being fair, I would not naturally suit this, but I plan to have fun when planning my make-up look using it anyway.

Star Violet and Sable
Sable and Star Violet, super pretty eyeshadow shades and ones of which I have been wanting to add to my collection for a while. Sable is a gold plum with a bronze pearlescent finish, great as a wash of colour during the day. Star Violet, this is more of a pinky, plum-brown shade, one that will make my eyes pop and will be great for the Autumn season. Pinks and purple hues are great for those with blue eyes as they will make them truly stand out. I have already been mixing these into my usual daily make-up routine and I am over the moon with them, I should have bought them sooner. 
This reminds me, I am yet to post a daily make-up routine, is this something you would like to see?

Harmony blusher, most commonly known as a great contouring shade had to be added to my shopping bag and Pinch Me blusher is just beautiful. Worn together, they are a refreshing change from my usual bronzed contour and pink cheeks. Harmony has a grey undertone which makes the skin look fresh in the cooler months, and Pinch Me, well, the peachy hue is just a total revamp for me.

There is always more that I want, especially more lipsticks. A girl can never have enough, right?