Sunday Musings | Open Your Eyes

I have been meaning to write some kind of “Sunday” post for quite some time now, usually work, or just life in general has meant I just haven’t had the time. I was getting annoyed at myself for not getting round to writing something, I was disappointed for not putting my blog first, but then I realised: Do not beat yourself up for LIVING.
As a Social Media Manager & a Blogger, I get dangerously caught up in the unreal world, the invisible world. Tweeting, tagging, sharing, commenting, liking, favouriting… the list goes on. My head, my hands, my eyes are glued to my phone, my iPad, my laptop. All. The. Time.
What happens when I actually open my eyes to take a look at what is going on around me, in real time, in real life? 
Sometimes, I just want to put all my fancy gadgets, iPhone included, into a bin and to never look back. I miss the times of having to “knock on” to see if someone is at home, actually spending more time talking to my friends face to face rather than through a screen. I miss the conversations that didn’t include something that so and so saw on Facebook, or followed by the line “I’m going to Instagram that“.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job and my blog, this goes without saying. I just worry that it has an awful habit of taking over, it sometimes distracts me from what is important. The little things.
So I made a promise to myself, a guide of sorts, to stick to, to ensure I keep my eyes open, to capture what is important, and to not miss out on what is real beauty.

1. Waking up
Glance at phone, check emails, and social feeds simply once. No longer. Get up earlier. Enjoy waking. Enjoy showering. Remember, we are lucky to start a new day, try to be that morning person. Stop rushing around and smile.
2) Walking to work
Leave phone and iPod in my handbag, smile at passers by (even when they don’t smile back) and enjoy my surroundings, whatever the weather, whatever the time. 
3) Nature
Beauty isn’t confined to our bathroom cabinets or what we choose to put on our face. Beauty is all around us, starting always with nature. I pass some beautiful gardens walking to work, and I used to take no notice, worrying about being late or having my head in my phone. I now make time to appreciate the beauty around me.

4) Eat, don’t Tweet
I hate going out for food with friend’s and watching them take pictures of their meal before taking a mouthful. I am guilty of it myself. A no phones at the table is a rule my mother instills at home, and this is something I am going to use myself. Enjoy your food, enjoy conversations and stories that follow, you should be having so much fun you forget to use your phone.
5) Live in the moment
Sometimes, we worry so much about taking the perfect Pinterest-worthy photograph, or creating the best content, we don’t fully enjoy that particular moment. Reading Zoe from Zoe London’s post, reminded me of that. How ironic, it took a blog post to wake me up. It doesn’t matter if we don’t capture every moment on camera, what does matter is that we are fully committed to that moment, so that we remember it and create long lasting, happy memories. 
These are just a few small changes, but I truly believe, these little steps will go a long way on the road to really living. I hope you enjoyed my first Sunday Musings, I am going to go outside now and enjoy the sunshine. Have a great weekend y’all.