Summer Body Prep | Dry Body Brushing

Summer is here, and for once, I actually FEEL like it is Summer, here in England. It is so lovely being able to walk to work with bright, blue skies above me and the sunshine beaming down on my face. Reigate is such a beautiful place to live, I sure feel grateful for living here and being able to experience such nice, yet unusual British weather. 
It was only the other day that I made the decision to actually put on some denim shorts for work. You know, get the ole pins out. It was then that it hit me, I will actually have to start taking better care of my legs if I have to get them out in public. 
And so the Summer  Body Prep began. I dug out my round The Body Shop Body Brush, which you can pick up for around £8. I use this for dry body brushing! If you haven’t heard of it this is a technique which claims to improve the appearance of cellulite, improve overall circulation and in turn this firms and tones the skin. Now, I went through a phase of religiously doing this in the past so I can definitely say this is a technique that works. I am trying to do this every day before showering – I shall report back on my experience this Summer. 
Dry brushing done, I then jump into the shower to wash all of those dead skin cells offa my bod-aay. I have been using the Balance  Me Super Toning Body Wash which smells delightful and is rather invigorating. 
Out of the shower, a quick shake of the towel, I then set to applying my all time favourite moisturiser. The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer  Body Butter  has become somewhat of a family staple, I would even say tradition! I buy it buy the bucket load.  My mother stocks up a shelf at a time ( she once made me spend £80 on the stuff) and both of my sisters indulge in a tub or two. It is the holy grail of body moisturiser and makes my legs look pin-bloody-tastic.
What are your Summer Body Prep must-haves?