M.A.C Cosmetics Haul | My Favourite Bits

M.A.C Cosmetics  Haul

Oh goodness, this post has been sat in my drafts gathering dust for over four months now – naughty, naughty. I bought all of these products on my very last day with MAC, this was in January, at the beginning of the year. 

Better late than never hey?

I seriously wish I still had free reign of the glorious M.A.C Cosmetics Staff Discount, I definitely miss taking advantage of this. *sobs*

M.A.C Cosmetics  Haul

Without a doubt I had to buy my ProLongwear Foundation, it is a foundation that I keep coming back to and shade NC15 is the perfect match for my albino skin. It provides a natural to buildable coverage with a satin finish. I tend to get oily throughout the afternoon but I will always opt for a dewy finish over something that is matte. I find matte finishes to be ever so aging, wouldn’t you agree? This foundation stays put all day long, even when I forget to wear a primer underneath and is undetectable on the skin. I don’t often rave about MAC foundations but this one is definitely a keeper. It also has  SPF 10 so I am protecting my skin from UV rays too! If you would like to see a full review on this foundation, or a comparison review of all the foundations MAC has to offer let me know in the comments below.  
Fix + is an essential for any make-up artist. It is great for spraying onto the skin to give it a burst of vitamins before applying make-up, and then spraying over at the end of the make-over to finish it off nicely. Do not confuse this for a setting spray, it is simply a skin drink! I love to use this when applying glitter or pigments and I need a really bold finish. Spritz your eyeshadow brush after dusting it in the eye product, and apply to the lid – try it!
Fluidline, in the shade Blacktrack, your standard gel liner.  I would never buy this at full price as I swear Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel liner is an exact dupe. I do love this liner however, it goes on really easily and does not smudge. It is a total pain in the ass to get off without a decent eye make-up remover. I like to apply it with a teeny tiny angled brush such as the Crownbrush C463 Infinity Angled liner
Matte was something I was introduced to whilst working in the store, and it has changed my life. Do you suffer from weepy eye syndrome? Let me explain. So, you do your eye make-up, and it’s absolutely spot on, seconds later your eyes are streaming and you have no idea why? This happens to me all the time. One of the girls handed me this Matte product, and said to dry off the area under my eye, apply a little bit of the Matte product and then wait for it to dry. You can then reapply your eyeshadow, and it will stay put!!!!! 
You can apply this underneath make-up as a mattifying primer, or even over the top of make-up to take away shine. It also makes a great eye base primer! A great multi-use product! 

M.A.C Cosmetics Pressed Pigment and Eyebrow
M.A.C Cosmetics Pressed Pigment and Eyebrow

M.A.C Cosmetics Deeply Dashing Pressed Pigments
M.A.C Eyebrow in Fling, a standard purchase. I actually have ran out of this now, and need to buy yet another. I dread to think how many I have bought of these. Fling, is my favourite eyebrow product and is the perfect shade for blondes! I wrote a post about it which you can read here.
 The Pressed Pigments are beautiful, and I wish I had bought a few more shades. Deeply Dashing is a deep brown with red undertones, with lots of glitter thrown in the mix. Whenever I wear this  I always get compliments on how sparkly my eyes are. Other shades I would recommend buying include Black Grape, Moth and Jet Couture. They are basically a pressed version of the loose powder pigments you can get and the colour pay off is awesome. This colour looks great on its own, just as a simple wash of colour, or layered over a smokey eye for a more dramatic look.

M.A.C Cosmetics Eyeshadow Haul

M.A.C Cosmetics Eyeshadow Haul

Top Row: Coppering. Embark. Club. Woodwinked. Naked Lunch. Bottom Row: Carbon. Scene

The best bit of my haul is this MAC Pro Palette for 15 Eyeshadows! I love MAC Eyeshadows so much, I literally would buy them all. The black casing with a clear see through lid is much better than the old palettes – which were totally black. Being able to see inside the palette makes it much easier for us make-up artists to work out which colours to grab when in a hurry.

As I liked so many of the colours available, I asked one of the guys to help me whittle my choices down. The guy helping me picked out shades which would specifically enhance blue eyes. So if like me you have blue eyes, check these shades out! 

See the swatch photograph above? From left to right: Carbon. Scene. Coppering. Embark, Club, Woodwinked and Naked Lunch.

Carbon is a matte black, and I use this practically whenever I do a smokey eye. Coppering is a stunning orangey-red copper tone and I love wearing this on it’s own. Embark is a really warm, earthy brown which looks great when creating a cut-crease. It looks fab blended into the socket line against a really soft, pale tone. Club, a firm favourite by far, is such an interesting colour. It has red, brown and green tones through it, and appears to change in different light. I love wearing this on a night out with Carbon blended into the crease. Naked Lunch is a great highlighter, works well in the inner corner or as a wash of colour all over the lid, a pretty pearly pink shade. 

I wear Woodwinked pretty much every day, a warm antique gold, and Scene is a beautiful blue toned grey that really makes my eyes “pop”. 
If you would like to see a full list of my MAC Eyeshadow Must Haves let me know! Please share your favourites too! 
Writing this post has made me want to go on another M.A.C haul, if it happens, I promise I won’t leave it another four months until I write about it….