Sparkle with Lush Cosmetics…

And so the Lush Cosmetics obsession continues… 
After having a facial and being told my skin type was not oily, but indeed dehydrated, I immediately needed to get a new daily moisturiser. I had no idea what brand to try and it was only by chance this lovely little Skin Drink fell into my hands. 

I was in my hometown, Warrington, waiting for my sister to arrive. Bored of wondering around aimlessly I decided to venture into Lush, of course. I needed to stock up on my trusty Tea Tree Toner and it was in there that a very helpful assistant offered me some advice. I explained I was also after a new moisturiser but had no idea which one to choose. I told her all about my skin type – oily t-zone and normal elsewhere, and my new found knowledge that my skin wasn’t getting enough water. 

This is how I came about Skin Drink moisturiser – I am forever thankful to the lady who recommended this to me, as it has been a god send. It changed my skin drastically. I am no longer as oily, I rarely get a breakout and my skin looks radiant. 

Having been used to really light, water-like moisturisers, it was certainly an adjustment trying out this new product. A rich, creamy texture, I was worried it would be too heavy for my skin. However, the cream made from avocados and sesame oil is in fact designed to leave a light, matte protective layer. Of a morning I have been using a very small amount, and then of an evening  I will literally pile the stuff on. My thirsty skin is LOVING LIFE. 

My tired, dull, spotty, oily skin has been transformed into radiant, soft, supple, GLOWING skin. Yup, all down to this little pot of JOY. 

The ever so gorgeous Megan from Wonderful You, being an inquisitive beauty lover too, spotted it on my shelf and has since bought this, and you can see her chatting about it here in this beauty haul video. 

You can pick this pot up for £11.95.

Did you know… 
If you collect 5 empty pots and take them back to Lush, they will recycle them for you and in return you receive a fresh face mask!  

As for these Sparkle Toothy tabs… I am still undecided on whether or not I like them. The concept of them is bloody brilliant, you simply pop one of the tabs into your mouth, chew it a bit, run your toothbrush under the tap and commence brushing. The tab will then foam up and clean your teeth! I love the matchbox-ey style packaging these little fellows arrive in, designed to be less wasteful than your typical toothpaste… and it is on the packaging I should have read the main ingredient: Pepper
Pepper, in, your, mouth. Swishing around right up in there. Well, it is an acquired experience I tell thee.
Once crunched up and mixed with water, the bicarbonate soda starts foaming up and this deeply cleans the teeth, grapefruit and lemon oil are added to give it a nicer taste, and well, the pepper stimulates your mouth apparently. It certainly stimulated my face into spitting it out the first time I tried it. 
Saying this, my teeth literally felt squeaky clean, and the odd taste is just odd, because it simply isn’t mint. I believe the Dirty Toothy Tabs contain Spearmint, so I will give these ones a go next time. 

Have you ever tried an alternative to your usual tooth paste? Or experienced any weird beauty related alternatives?