La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] | My Thoughts

La RochePosay introduces new Effaclar DUO[+] anti-blemish cream, specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin.


I had never tried La Roche-Posay before, I had only ever seen it being used by my favourite make-up artist Lisa Eldridge in her YouTube videos. Lisa is a huge fan of this brand and so if it is good enough for The House of Eldridge…
I am actually baffled as to why I have never tried anything from this brand before, especially as they are famous for being suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types – being a make-up artist it is so important to carry skincare in my kit for all skin types, and sensitive skins are the hardest ones to please. 
The lovely Laura from Laura Lou Beauty, an absolute doll, surprised me by telling me she had invited me to join her at a La Roche-Posay event. I had never been to a blogging event before and was totally psyched to go.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it in the end, but to my delight the lovely Caitlin from the Dowal Walker Agency, the lady behind the event, sent me the gift bag I would have received had I made it that evening. 
You have probably seen many a review flying around the blogger network already on this new exciting product, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+]* and you are probably fed up of all the glowing reviews… 
Sorry, but I too do not have one bad word to say about this beauty. It is ruddy splendiferous.
Talk about unreal timing, it was as if the universe sent it to me. Having recently moved down south, a combination of stress and a change in water made my skin break out. Not spots my friends, MOUNTAINS. It was like the Pyrenees had decided to up sticks and embed their bottoms into my face. 
I could not wait to use this. The packaging clearly states “Corrects the appearance of imperfections, unclogs blocked pores and fights against marks.” I opened the parcel containing this in work, I cannot even explain the will power it took for me not to open it up immediately and slather it all over my skin. 
So did it work? 
3 days in and this light weight, water like formula I had been applying both morning and evening, had been working a treat. My spots had been really red and were evening glowing through my layers of concealer, so for just 3 days of use, to find that the redness had disappeared and my pores seem clearer – well it’s a no brainer, this cream is impressive. 
I have now been using this for 3 weeks and my skin is without a doubt smoother, clearer and spot free. My skin used to get really oily and shiny before but now I don’t have to worry about applying more powder during the course of the day. I have a few teeny tiny red blemishes around my chin, but this is only because it is close to that time of the month (sorry ladies but we all go through it). 
I can confidently reach for a tinted moisturiser, not worry about concealer and head out the door. I think it is just wonderful that La Roche-Posay have truly understood the troubles that acne prone skin can cause, and by researching this have produced a ground breaking product which has not only helped me, but will no doubt help thousands of men and women who suffer. Quite rightly, La Roche-Posay have addressed a niche in the market. Unfortunately, the beauty industry is saturated with “teenage problem” skincare, but for those of us who are no longer a teenager and still worry about hiding spots, there are not many brands that can help. 
So thankyou, La Roche-Posay, this product is a miracle worker. I would pay more than £15.50 to repurchase this, and I will be getting one to put into my make-up kit too. 
One of the best products I have tried, in a very long time. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself.