Lush Cosmetics Haul | A Review


You just have to adore Lush Cosmetics. Being a nature fanatic, I love everything about this brand from there ethos, to the packaging, the products and of course – the store itself smells delicious. Today I wanted to show you the few things I picked up last week from my local store in Liverpool.
I had zero intentions of buying anything for myself, the entire trip was for my sister. Amy is off to university soon and she wanted to update her skincare routine, knowing full well, once in Huddersfield, she would no longer have access to my stash. She wanted to take advantage of having a skin obsessed sibling and was prepared to listen to my advice – a refreshing change.
As a result of this, not only did I sell her into this new skincare routine, but I ended up buying a few of the products myself. Typical. If you have oily/combination skin and are prone to breakouts, like myself and Amy, these products will be right up your street.
Asides, from the Vanilla Dee Light Body Lotion, anyone can use this bad boy.
Have you smelt this moisturiser? It has to be made by angels. It smells amaazing. Packed with coconut oil, cocoa butter, kiwi and of course vanilla, this lotion is full to the brim of goodness. It’s quite light in comparison to the body butters that I would usually go for, but I could not walk out the store without this as it was just too yummy.
Lush Cosmetics Dark Angels Cleanser


Dark Angels Cleanser
This cleanser is designed for oilier skin, made out of Rhassoul mud, Charcoal and Black sugar. Now, even though it states, cleanser, this is more of an exfoliator and I would only use it 2-3 times a week.  If like me you like that tight, squeaky clean feeling after washing your face then you will love this. All you need is a pea sized amount, which you then mix into a black paste. You feel pretty stupid slapping on a load of black stuff onto your face, when you are wanting to remove dirt, but hey, this stuff does the trick. What I would say, because it is quite a “messy” cleanser, definitely use a toner afterwards to remove any left over residue.
Amy has been using hers every evening, which I wouldn’t recommend if you have sensitive skin, but it appears to be really helping her spots. Her skin looks soooo much clearer, her pores look smaller and the redness has definitely calmed down. Definitely onto a winner with this product.


Herbalism Solid Cleanser Lush Cosmetics


This cleanser is designed to gently exfoliate, calm troubled skin and remove grease. It contains Ground Almonds, Rice Bran, Kaolin, Rose and Chamomile Oil. All of these ingredients have amazing balancing and healing properties. If you are wondering where the green pigment comes from, it is Chlorphyllin, taken from grass! How cool is that! Apparently it helps to regenerate the skin. I have been using this daily and have really seen a difference. My skin is less oily and generally looks clearer. Having used cleansing oils and cleansing balms for such a long time, it was quite strange trying this out, as the texture is completely different. The one thing I really don’t like, is the smell. This is the first Lush product I have used and had to scrumple up my nose. It just smells so GREEN, but not the nice freshly cut grass green, more like the muddy,wet grass smell. It doesn’t put me off all that much, but if you prefer your cleanser to have a nice fragrance this is not for you.


Lush Cosmetics Cupcake Facemask


Just typing the word cupcake makes me crave cake, I swear I have a problem. When you open the tub all you can smell is chocolate. It doesn’t make sense that a face mask that is designed for oily and teenage skin would smell of chocolate, when chocolate is supposed to make you break out? Well, unfortunately you can’t eat it and it isn’t made out of chocolate, but it does contain all the goodness that reminds you of it, such as cocoa powder, vanilla absolute and spearmint oil. Rhassoul mud is the key ingredient, this gives your skin a deep cleanse and absorbs all the grease. It won’t totally dry out your skin though, don’t worry, as it contains cocoa butter too to hydrate. I didn’t see dramatic results with this mask, but it is really fun to use and feels really nice on your skin. If you do try this, remember to keep it in your fridge as it will go off otherwise. You can get 3-4 uses out of one tub which I think is quite good considering the price, £5.75.
I really want to try some more from Lush, what are your favourites?
See you soon,