Moroccan Oil | Treatment Oil | A Review

a photograph of moroccanoil oil treatment
Moroccanoil Oil Treatment 2013

I know, I know, yet another Moroccanoil Oil Treatment review….but I just HAVE to share this with you guys.
I had been meaning to purchase this hair oil for quite some time but being a loyal Kerastase customer, I had to wait until my bottles of Sublime Elixir ran out. I still love Kerastase for that matter but this particular Moroccanoil Oil Treatment is just bloody marvellous.
Moroccanoil Oil Treatment is Winner of the Best Hair Oil at the In Style Beauty awards 2013, used to condition, style and finish hair. This is a revolutionary product used not only in salons but in runway shows too! The key ingredient Argan oil makes looking after your hair completely effortless – plus the fragrance is delicious. 
I apply this just before I blow dry my hair, using a very small amount, the size of a 10p coin. My hair is pretty thick so can absorb lots of this oil, but don’t worry, it is even suitable for fine hair. The  super lightweight formula makes any hair soft and silky without weighing it down or leaving it greasy. I also like to run a tiny amount through the ends of my hair after it is dry just to finish it off. Did I mention how good this stuff smells?
Having a history of damaged hair, thanks to all the bleach I have wacked on it over the years, my locks were due for an intense treatment such as this Moroccanoil. I tend to use hair masks and other serums quite regularly, but nothing has given me results in the way this has. My hair actually shines. It feels healthy and I no longer have dry ends. 
I bought a small bottle as a test run, and I am sure it will last me months. I hear a lot of people claim this is quite expensive, but to me 25ml of a miracle product, retailing at around £12, well that is a bargain. We spend so much money getting our hair styled, cut and coloured, why not spend a little on a product that will keep your hair in tip top condition? The 100ml bottle is around £30 and I definitely will be buying this when my mini bottle eventually runs out. 
I really want to try the Shampoo and Conditioner next, have any of you tried these?
See you soon,