Illustration Collaboration | 304 Clothing |

Hey Guys!
I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I was going to be collaborating with a mystery brand…..
I can now reveal that it was 304 Clothing that asked me to produce some illustrations for them, and this is what we came up with. Harry Styles vs Taylor Swift wearing there Curls Get Gurls and She Believed! vests!
Check out 304 Clothing’s website HERE for the rest of the range!


 I always do a rough sketch of whoever or whatever I am drawing to work out what the key features are, as you can see this is a veryyyyyyy poor initial drawing, but this is really all I need and a bunch of photographs to draw inspiration from. I must admit getting Harry Styles just right was a nice challenge, his hair in particular took me a while longer than I expected! Damn those curls!


I then build the character up in Photoshop… you can slowly see him coming together from this.


The finished result!




I then began to draw Taylor Swift, as you can see from this sketch I originally was going to give her a hat, but I changed my mind later on. …. Yes that dark scribble at the top represents a hat.


I was really pleased with the final images! I hope you guys like them too! I would love to hear your feedback!
This is just the first concept, I am now working on a new one for these guys and I shall hopefully be able to reveal this next week!
If you are interested in having an illustration yourself then please do not hesitate to contact me:
See you soon,