Enchanted Eye cream & more.

So yesterday, when I took these photos, the sun was out in full force – Hello 18 degrees in March! Cannot believe it is March already, Summer will be here in no time yippeeee! Anyway, today’s post is a little review of my latest Lush purchases.
I bought the Tea Tree Toner again, this time in the larger size 250g. It’s a little bit addictive is this stuff. I must also say, the smaller bottle (which I blogged about here) lasted such a long time considering it was only a tiny bottle -100g.
Tea Tree oil has natural antiseptic/antibacterial properties which is great for my spot prone skin. I have openly never been a fan of toners, but somehow this has become a key part of my skincare routine. I cannot be without it, very peculiar, but I am embracing this new found love for the refreshing spritz from Lush.
The 250g bottle retails at £7.25
Another product I thought I would try is the Enchanted Eye Cream!
The reason I bought this is because I had been noticing that underneath my eyes were particularly dry, especially after putting a concealer on top. Now I still love my Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm, but I wanted something just to simply hydrate the eye area nothing more fancy. As this eye cream contains almond oil, honey and lavendar it really soothed my eyes and definitely stopped them from being so dry. One pump is far too much, so I have been really carefully using tiny little bits at a time, so this eye cream will definitely last me a while. The cream itself does not feel like a cream at all, as it is so lightweight. Overall, I really liked it. It isn’t going to prevent wrinkles or fine lines but it is going to keep underneath my eyes really healthy, and that is the most important thing.
You can buy this eye cream for £11.50 which I think is a great price considering how long it will last.



I have seen these Bubblegum Lip Scrubs floating about the blogger world, and I had no intention of buying it in all honesty. I had already got to the till, when I saw a little bowl of them just sitting there. How it fell into my bag I have no idea 😉 Ok, ok I gave into the hype and bought one. I love this stuff, sure it can be a little messy, but hell it does its job and tastes great! My lips are forever dry and chapped so this scrub has been helping keep them in top condition, plus its pink and shiny – what is there not to like?
That is all 🙂
See you soon,