Lush SPA Liverpool Launch: THE REVIEW


 Hello Lovelies!
Last weekend, Saturday 15th December, I was, very kindly, invited to experience a Lush SPA treatment at the brand new store in Liverpool. 
I absolutely adore Lush Cosmetics, so how could I refuse? 
I had been booked in for their signature “Synaesthesia” treatment. 

“We’re fascinated by Synaesthesia and all it’s guises,
which is why we were particularly thrilled to try the new Synaesthesia
treatment at Lush’s new spa rooms on London’s
Kings Rd.” Vogue


This signature treatment is a one and a half hour all over body treatment, including hot and cold stones (depending on your prescription). 
I arrived at the Lush SPA, so excited for my morning of indulgence, smiling like a little girl. 
Upon entering the store I was greeted by lovely staff who directed me to the girl in charge of my treatment. I had never had a full body treatment before, so I was a little nervous, but the girls in the store made me feel like I was at home. 
To get to the SPA, there is a door at the side of the store which takes you upstairs. Once upstairs, I genuinely felt like I was in a quaint country cottage – not in the busy centre of Liverpool.
“This is actually slightly different to the other Lush SPA’s, it is a Concept SPA.” The girl explained to me. 
The girl, Leola, laughed as I stood there gawping at the room I had just entered. I just wanted to move in! I love rustic, country esque places, and this was just beautiful. So very Lush
Leola showed me around first, explaining what each of the rooms were for, I took lots of pictures (see above) so I could share this experience with you guys. Bottles of essential oils decorated the walls, with little “Alice In Wonderland” style labels. Tea lights and flowers in every corner, all the little things around the room, just brought everything together. 

Onto the Treatment.

 Leola sat me down and started to tell me all about Synaesthesia. I thought a massage was a massage, I was so wrong.

Synaesthesia is an exceptionally unique treatment. Mark Constantine, Lush MD and head perfumer, has a scent-shaped synaesthesia; he perceives everything he smells as having a definite shape. Leola explained that very creative people sometimes find they have this “disorder”. I found it fascinating.

Mark’s vision:

“Bringing customers a refreshing, amazingly

effective experience in familiar, reassuring surroundings.” 

  He commissioned music by Simon Emmerson of The Imagined Village, who coincidentally has sound-coloured synaesthesia, to be playing during the treatment. Specially created to take you on a
journey, from morning, through to late afternoon, finishing off in the
evening, all through the power of traditional English music and
magically… birdsong.

Working with behavioural therapist, Lady Helen Kennedy, the team created a mood-changing massage which plays with all your senses. Leola described the massage to be a dance of sorts, the movements choreographed to the music, so you will be the centre of a physical ballet. I swear my jaw dropped at this point…

The Synaesthesia treatment relaxes you enough to allow your subconscious to be open to a little influence.

Leola then asked me to take a look at the chalk board (see above photo) and to choose a word that stood out to me. This word would be the state of mind that I wanted to achieve. She handed me a miniature chalk board and asked me to write down the word I had decided upon. 
 Leola showed me the massage bars, with my chosen state of mind, Enlightened written on them. I was not allowed to smell them, this was to be a surprise later on in the treatment. 
This bit is probably not an essential part of the review, but I have a thing for bathrooms. I am one of those girls who go into a new restaurant and head straight to the Ladies. If they up are to my standards then I will stay and eat… if not… I leave. Anyone else out there as mad as me?
Leola showed me the bathroom, explaining that sometimes on quiet days, the clients could take a bath after the treatment. So I even took a photograph of the toilet roll….EVEN THE TOILET ROLL WAS AMAZING GUYS!

Based on the initial consultation, the therapist will then use natural essential oils to create a “behavioural prescription” that links to the chosen state of mind and these oils will combine with the music, colour and massage. 

Leola, went to prepare my room, but before she left she asked me to choose a bottle from the array of essential oils on the shelf.    

Each bottle had a gorgeous little label and handwritten tag roped around the neck, I picked up one that read “Curious”, then decided upon “Focus”. The little label around “Focus” read “Without Fear”. 

I then was led into my treatment room (see above picture) and I noticed on the shelf a bubbling potion bottle. For a moment I felt like Hermione Granger. Leola poured my chosen essential oil into another potion glass and added what looked like boiling water, the glass started bubbling and the room just smelt amazing. 
 I will skip through describing the massage itself, as I am sure you guys do not want to read about me drooling and falling asleep practically within seconds. Let me just tell you it was out of this world. The oils (scent), the music(sound), the massage
(touch), the colours in the room (sight) all combine
to create your chosen state of mind. 

Once the treatment was over, Leola asked me to join her for a good old cup of tea. 

Leola explained, that this tea was enfused with the ingredients that were used during my treatment, what a lovely way to end my morning. She also gave me to take home, a massage bar and bubble bar to remind me of the treatment and to use at home. I somehow thanked her, I was still waking up from my slumber. I promise you, I had never, ever felt that relaxed. It was amazing. 

I also smelt bloody fantastic, not that I don’t shower or use perfume, but my lord I have never smelt THAT good before. If you saw a girl out in Liverpool shopping last Saturday, randomly sniffing herself – that was probably me! 

I could have just written a very short and sweet review simply stating how amazing this whole experience was but I wanted to walk you through it. I cannot wait to recommend this SPA to all of my friends, and I will definitely be treating myself to this treatment next month when I am back in the UK. £125 may seem expensive, but it is worth every single penny.

I must mention, there are lots of other treatments to choose from! Get down to Lush SPA in Liverpool and try them for yourself!


I received a goodie bag at the end of my treatment, and then went on to buy lots of other products from Lush, which I shall be posting about next! 

I hope you enjoyed this review.
I cannot thank Lush Cosmetics and Sarah Jane Funnell enough for this experience.   
See you soon guys,