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Can I just say! I have FINALLY reached 50
followers! This is a massive achievement for me, as I always wonder if
anyone is even reading my blog. I have been going a year now, but to be
honest, I think the last month or so I have finally got into the swing
of things. In the beginning I had no clue what to do or what to write
about. Small baby steps for me still, got a long way to go 🙂
the subject matter. As you may know have noticed, if you read my blog
already and haven’t just stumbled across it today, I am rather in love
with the brand that is Nude Skincare. A fabulous, 100% natural skincare range. I have already reviewed their miracle product that is Nude Progenius Oil here… but I have more for you to feast your eyes on.


Before I begin to review these gorgeous products, I will just tell you a little about Nude Skincare. Nude believes that you should look after yourself not just on the inside, but the outside too. Nude feeds the skin with vital nutrients that your body needs and recognises from good nutrition. Your skin is in fact the largest organ in your body, so they have a point, we should look after it the best we can no?
Using only rich plant oils and lots of important omegas (3,6, 7 & 9) this skincare is packed with everything your skin needs to be healthy and radiant. Their probiotic technology, works right the way down to the lower levels of your skin, teaching your skin to look after itself day after day. 
We all want luminous, glowing skin – I thought it only made sense to try out a range that just oozes goodness, a range that promises to give us just that. Radiance.
I mean, if it is good enough for Helena Christensen – Danish fashion model – oh and a former Victoria Secret’s model (swoon), then it is good enough for me.
I bought the  Natural Skin Radiance Set  just to try it out before going ahead and buying the full size bottles. This range is not cheap, so I suggest trying to get hold of samples, or like me trying out the Radiance collection at just £38. This set will last a good month, and I reckon the treatment oil will last you even longer.
(The cleanser and the moisturiser are 15ml and the treatment oil is 10ml)
Below, I shall review each product and include the prices of the full size items.
It is, just a little bit perfect. I have always loved using an oil to cleanse my skin, it just feels, well… nice! If you are new to using an oil as a facial wash, please do not freak out. Try it before you run a mile. 
This product is suitable for all skin types for starters, if you have oily to combination skin then this is great for you, as oil on oil is a fantastic way of balancing out your skin. 
How to use it?
Dry hands, dry face – this is important. Two to three pumps into your hands, then massage gently into your skin. Next, apply warm water to your face and you will find the water on contact with the oil forms a silky, milky texture. I find it is a great eye make-up remover with no irritation what so ever. I use this once of a morning, then repeat the cleansing routine twice of an evening – to make sure I get every scrap of make-up off.

Sunflower seed oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Soy bean, and Jojoba
It really does melt off every trace of make-up and no oily residue is left. Instead, I am left with super soft, gorgeous smelling skin. No fragrance here, just a simple natural, clean scent. I find this facial oil to be very refreshing and I love using it.
  I was a bit nervous to try this, having used Dermalogica for just over a year now I was scared to try out a new moisturiser. The one I was previously using, Active Moist, was in fact perfect for my skin and I had no problems with it, but I just wanted a little bit more from it, the little bit more referring to anti-aging magic. 
This is for normal – dehydrated skin. I have oily-combination skin, but the fact this is such a lightweight formula put any doubts I had to the back of my mind about it making my skin greasy. I am really happy with it, I still get a little bit of shine after a long day, but a healthy shine not a chip-pan oil slick…. 
How to use it? 
I find I only need 2 pumps of this, as a little goes far with this moisturiser. Use sweeping upward movements like you are giving yourself a little facial.
The n-probiotic nutrient inside this formula, stimulates the skin to produce it’s own anti aging ingredients – clever aye! Omega 6 wakes up your skin and stops you from looking tired. 
I am completely sold on this product, after feeling a slight firming action and instantly looking more radiant and awake I knew my Dermalogica would soon gather dust on the bathroom shelf… 
This moisturiser just has it all for me.
Mango seed butter, Rice Bran, Jasmine and Apricot
I am intrigued to see what their Purifying Moisturiser is like as this is designed for my skin type, I feel another purchase coming along. 
Now then, I have already reviewed this HERE but I shall give you a brief summary. 
A treatment oil that you can use solely at night in place of your usual moisturiser or add a few drops to your daily moisturiser when you are feeling you need a bit of a boost. Great for all skin types, giving your skin full nourishment and bringing it back to life. Prone to breakouts? This bad boy, always soothes my skin and controls my hormonal breakouts – without fail. 
I really am not a fan of facial scrubs. Most, I have found to be too harsh on the skin. I had been using Daily Microfoliant by Dermalogica, which did not disappoint me, and definitely controlled my breakouts. However, I feel my skin, as it often does, has got used to this product and is in need of something more. A little more love. So, I went into my trusty SpaceNK store and bought this Perfect Polish. Having used the Natural Radiance Set for a few weeks and getting great results, I trusted this range to provide me with another gem. 
This scrub, is not really a scrub. It is just a really gentle exfoliator, you can hardly feel the rice beads buffing away at your impurities. If you like to feel a scrub, then this is not for you, but if like me you love to exfoliate without the harshness then you will fall in love with this Perfect Polish. It really does just that, it polishes your skin. There is no other way to describe it, after using this my skin feels SO SO soft and supple.    
Tiny amount needed, and I only use it 2-3 times a week, so I find it is really great value for money.
Rice bran, Jasmine, Cacao Seed butter (pure chocolate oh yes), Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil
You really cannot go wrong with this range, they have something for everyone and the most important thing for me is that it is completely natural. I am so happy with this range, I am putting my Dermalogica away for good. Eeek. 
I hope you enjoyed this little post. If you are yet to be convinced of this range, pop over to Wonderful You
Megan tried this range and absolutely loves it, so why don’t you see what she has to say. 
See you soon guys.