100 Percent Oils from Natural Spa Factory

100 Percent Oils from Natural Spa Factory

Natural Spa Factory 100 Percent Facials Oils are my latest addition to my skincare collection. I love facial oils, and when I can choose to use them over a traditional moisturiser. I use them in my daily skincare routine and also carry a selection in my professional make-up kit.

There are 5 oils in this collection from Natural Spa Factory, and I have had the pleasure of trying out three of them. The ingredients have all been ethically sourced from South Africa, South America and Senegal, to ensure that the very best of fruits, plants and seeds are used in creating these oils.

100 Percent Oils from Natural Spa Factory

My skin is so temperamental during any period of transition in weather. Here in Ibiza the weather is absolutely crazy, one day we have continuous monsoon style rain then the next day roaring sunshine. These oils help to ensure my skin is protected, soothed and hydrated whatever the weather, but particularly during the colder seasons.

Fatty Acid Hydrator

This one I reach for in a morning when I want a light facial oil instead of a moisturiser. When my skin is feeling more dehydrated than normal. It is bursting with fatty acids and vitamins A and E, cold pressed from apricot kernel. I love the fact it has linoleic acid in as it is great for balancing out oil in the skin, and firms and tones. It is also anti inflammatory – brilliant for when I get break outs.

Skin Soother

Made from pure rosehip oil, an ingredient loved by Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. If you are looking to add radiance to your skin this is the facial oil to go for. Great for healing, stimulating collagen production and improving the texture and skin tone. LOVE.

Peruvian Protector

Out of the three, this one is my favourite as I have found it really makes a difference with my problematic skin. It is anti bacterial thanks to the jojoba wax, as well as being great for preventing free radical damage. Like the others it also contains vitamin E to help plump the skin. Anything anti ageing wins me over. This one has the most neutral scent and feels slightly heavier, but I still love it. I tend to use this one of an evening.


Are facial oils a part of y0ur skincare routine or are you too nervous to try them? Let me know your thoughts.